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  MasterCake ce15786e4b add PlaceholderAPI format for all messages 2 weeks ago
  MasterCake 72e6b76f5f fix tools version 1 month ago
  MasterCake da84e7119d remove bukkit dependency 1 month ago
  MasterCake f37fae4ba1 build tools before plugin 1 month ago
  MasterCake 1c975d0f74 use https repo for vault 1 month ago
  MasterCake a1253a2221 update dependency 1 month ago
  MasterCake a78c9a94c7 add missing repo 1 month ago
  MasterCake c31b48942c mc 1.18 1 month ago
  MasterCake 842d0b833b fix #100 by updating spacegui for adding cooldown 3 months ago
  MasterCake 0eeb7bcf9f add multiple ip-addresses bypass permission 3 months ago
  MasterCake 3e9fba4242 fix actionbar for 1.8-1.9 4 months ago
  MasterCake d2426cc143 update readme 5 months ago
  MasterCake 6eadebde71 fix version numbering 5 months ago
  MasterCake fdee782186 update SpaceGUI to fix error on older java versions 5 months ago
  MasterCake de6759beb5 increment minor version 5 months ago
  MasterCake e0bd4a3fc2 update SpaceGUI 5 months ago
  MasterCake 16381fe6cc fix #99 5 months ago
  MasterCake bc2ba9bb14 fix afk 6 months ago
  MasterCake 32d8feead3 fix atm message (#98) 6 months ago
  MasterCake 7b107cc752 Using new gui interface for ATM gui 6 months ago
  MasterCake fc2cb7dc23 increment minor version 6 months ago
  MasterCake 70b41a9d5d add back actionbar support for versions before mc 1.9 6 months ago
  MasterCake 15f91948a1 Revert "Lets call it version 2.0.0" 6 months ago
  MasterCake 6d0155ec95 Merge pull request #95 from Craftstuebchen/master 6 months ago
  Yannick Lamprecht d64df6cb97 Lets call it version 2.0.0 6 months ago
  Yannick Lamprecht 5d50ecdbaa Removed nms and readded support of actionbar using api present since at least 1.12 6 months ago
  MasterCake 840cc8c210 fix missing dependency 1 year ago
  MasterCake a42c58da33 increment minor version 1 year ago
  MasterCake 0ea290dc33 update for mc 1.16.4 1 year ago
  MasterCake bf08568a45 increment minor version 1 year ago